The Harvard International Review welcomes submissions from contributing authors. Please include your full name, any affiliations with Harvard University or other institutions and organizations relevant to the content of your article, and an evening or mobile phone number so that you can be contacted if your piece is chosen for publication.

Submissions to the HIR must be previously unpublished. Though we encourage contributors to use prior articles and columns to spark their thinking, submissions that directly reference, quote, or paraphrase prior articles will not be chosen for publication.

We do not publish articles written on behalf of an organization, club or group, whether at Harvard, in Cambridge, or on a national or international scale. We furthermore strongly discourage groups of people from submitting articles together except when absolutely necessary. In such cases, we will likely restrict primary authorship to one individual. As a policy, we do not permit anonymous submissions.

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All submissions must be edited to adhere to our writing and style guide. The HIR only accepts "Global Notebook" articles from contributing authors; we do not accept time-sensitive contributions. All submissions must be pre-formated to meet the HIR style guide. Submissions must also include images, captions, and sourcing as per the style guide. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your submission being archived without response. Please be aware that a small fraction of submissions are chosen for publication.

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