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The 44th Masthead of the HIR


Shriya Yarlagadda and Zebulon Erdos


Managing Editor
Solène Aubert

Deputy Managing Editor
Addie Esposito

Solicits Director
Pranay Varada

Deputy Solicits Director
Katherine Jackson

Solicits Associates
Dara Adamolekun, Isabella Cao, Thomas Mete

Executive Content Editors
Isabelle King, Abby LaBreck, Sarosh Nagar, Joshua Park, Pranay Varada, Qijia Zhou

Senior Editors
Addie Esposito, Matthew Gross, Rachel Harris, Fred Larsen,  Nicolas Pantelick, Andy Wang

Associate Editors
Kendall Carll, Eytan Goldstein, Sam Meacham, Emily Peck, Katalina Toth

Copy Editing Chair
Isabelle King

Copy Editors
Addie Esposito, Laeticia Allache, Matthew Gross, Rachel Harris, Fred Larsen


Business Director
Matas Kudarauskas

Finance Director and Comptroller
Rachel Cevallos

Operations Director
Jackie Chen

Growth and Strategy Director
Hank Yang

Business Associates
Sasha Hitachi-Kizziah, Amy Hwang, Theresa Lee, Amira Singh




Ivan Garcia, Avery Park

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair
Jackie Chen

Merchandise Designer
Theresa Lee

Spring Comp Directors
Addie Esposito, Emily Peck