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Join the HIR

Join the HIR

Info Session (9/8) at 7:30pm

We will hold an info session on Wednesday, September 8 at 7:30pm in Science Center Hall A. This is an all-board meeting, so please attend if you are interested in comping any of our four boards!

SIGN UP: Please fill out our general interest form to sign up for the info session.

Why join the Harvard International Review?

When you join the HIR, you will have the opportunity to write for Harvard’s premier magazine for international affairs and share your perspective on any global issue ranging from diplomacy and security to immigration and education.

You will have an audience that spans across six continents with over 350,000 print and digital readers.

You will also have the opportunity to interview prominent global leaders. In the past, the HIR has featured commentary from 47 Presidents and Prime Ministers, 4 Secretaries-General, 4 Nobel Economics Prize laureates, and 7 Nobel Peace Prize laureates, including Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Lama, Al Gore, Condoleezza Rice, Jimmy Carter, Melinda Gates, Fareed Zakaria, and Kofi Annan.

Interested in learning more about why our current members chose to join the HIR? Watch the video below.

How do I join?

If you are a Harvard College student, you are eligible to join, or “comp” any of the HIR's 4 boards: Editorial, Business, Design, and Tech. The HIR’s comp is completion-based, so as long as you finish all assignments and complete the comp process, you’re part of the team!

To comp the HIR in Fall 2021, fill out this form and come to our info session on Wednesday, September 8 at 7:30pm. We will send the location before the meeting.

What is the comp schedule?


During the 7-week editorial comp, you will learn how to write an effective article, and your work will culminate in a 3-5 page long-form article published on the HIR's website.

Meetings will be led by members of the senior staff every week at 7:30pm.

Info Session (September 8) — Introduction to the HIR

Week 1 (September 15) — The Building Blocks of an HIR Article

Week 2 (September 22) Pitching Your Article Idea

Week 3 (September 29) — Outlining Your Article

Week 4 (October 6)  — Writing the First Draft (Part 1)

Week 5 (October 13) — Writing the First Draft (Part 2)

Week 6 (October 20) — Editing and the Second Draft

Week 7 (October 27) — Finalizing and Publishing Your Article!


During the 5-week Business Comp, you will learn about advertising, marketing, finance, operations, and distribution. The comp will culminate with compers working with a mentor in small groups on an initiative of their own creation.

The comp will be run by senior business staff.

Info Session (September 8)– Introduction to the HIR with Editorial, Design & Tech

Week 1 (September 15) – Introduction to HIR as a Business

Week 2 (September 22) – Exploration of Advertising & Finance

Week 3 (September 29) – Exploration of Logistics

Week 4 (October 6) – Introduction to Strategy Projects

Week 5 (October 13) – Mixer with Senior Staff


During the Design Comp, we will teach you the basics of InDesign, AP Images, and the HIR Style. No prior design experience is necessary, and the comp will culminate with laying out an HIR article.

Info Session (September 8)– Introduction to the HIR with Editorial, Business & Tech

Meeting 0 (September 15) – Welcome to InDesign + Trial Video

Meeting 1 (September 22)– Basic Tools of InDesign

Meeting 2 (September 29) –  Layout 101 + HIR Aesthetics

Meeting 3 (October 6)–  Share Finished Articles + Movie Time


The tech comp will be integrated with the business comp, as the two boards often work very closely together. During tech specific sections of the comp though, you will learn the tools used to edit and update our website. The only experience necessary is very basic knowledge of HTML coding, and the comp will culminate with the implementation of a project or feature of your choice to the website.

Tech specific comp groups will be led by the tech director, while tech and business meetings will be led in conjunction with senior business staff.

Can I comp multiple boards?

Yes, of course! A number of our members are on multiple boards of the HIR. Just indicate that what boards you're interested in on our sign-up form.

Can I comp if I'm not a first year?

Definitely. Every semester we have a number of non-first years compers. We highly encourage students of all years to join.

Does the HIR have socials?

Yes! We pride ourselves on our strong social culture. During the comp, there will be a social every weekend, which culminates in the legendary HIR Initiation. Apart from that, the HIR hosts around 20 socials a year from themed events to chill hangs outs. We also have HIR merchandise and a mentorship program to foster community. Our hope is that all of you feel like you're joining our family!

Can I join the HIR even if I'm not going to study IR?

Absolutely! Our members study a wide variety of things from English to economics to pre-med to CS. If you're interested in writing about any topic from an international lens, we're the place to be. Similarly if you're interested in getting hands-on digital design experience, working on marketing or business, or applying and learning new CS skills, the HIR is perfect for you.  

Have more questions?

You can get in contact with the comp directors at They're happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

We will also be hosting "office hours" where members will be available to talk one-on-one with interested compers in late August. Details to come on that.