HIR Academic Writing Contest Spring 2022 Medal Winners

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Inspired by our growing high school readership around the world, we created the Harvard International Review Academic Writing Contest to encourage and highlight outstanding high school writing on topics related to international affairs.

Congratulations to all Spring 2022 medal winners on the quality of your submissions!

Gold Medal

Heidi Pan.Wardlaw Hartridge School.Bilge Dumping - The Environmental Disaster Going on Behind Closed Doors”

Ke Ni.Hangzhou Foreign Languages School CAL Center . Restricting Reproductive Rights: China's New Three-Child Policy”

Jiansheng Zhang. United World College of South East Asia. Less is More: How the Degrowth Movement Can Lead to the Growth of Humanity”

Zunian Luo. Weston High School. The Most Important Plant You Overlooked—Seaweed”

Autumn Wang. Wuhan San New School. Waning Wheat: Why Egypt’s Deteriorating Agricultural Resources Crumbled Under Influence of the Russia-Ukraine War”

Xi Lu,Wenqing Hu.Shanghai High School International Division. Vehement Assault, Coerced Marriage, and Sexual Exploitation: A Sequel to the Rohingya Crisis”

Yifan Qiao. Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School. Geopolitical conflict in the Pacific: China reached Security Agreement with the Solomon Islands”

Zimeng Huang. Shenzhen College of International Education. Is Ecotourism the Solution? Thailand’s Kayans and Dominica’s Caribs Offer Contrasting Case Studies”

Sally Shin. Hamilton High School. Three Ways Technology Ecosystem Expansion Can Recover Africa's Economy”

Yani Liu. Cambridge International Exam Center in Shanghai Experimental School. New Battlefront for Illegal Wildlife Trade: How Facebook is Falling Short of Expectation”

Raymond Tang. Shanghai High School International Division. The MCC Compact with Nepal: A Political Puppetry”

Junyu Piao. Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School. Frozen Zoos: Cloning Endangered Animals and Saving Biodiversity”

Daoyuan Shangguan. WLSA Shanghai Academy. COVID-19 Pitfalls in Shanghai: Warnings and Lessons from the Lockdown”

Nancy Huang. Shenzhen College of International Education. Racist Robots? Why AI Bias is a Serious Global Concern”

Jiarui Wu. Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore. The Third Pillar Underneath a Stable Indo-Pacific”

Jiahe Wang. Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. From mining in mines to mining in games: where is the economy going?”

Silver Medal

Lezhi Wang. Xi'an Gaoxin No.1 High School International Course Center. Asian Hate Under COVID-19”

Parakram Karnik.Brunswick Scho, Greenwich, CT. The Conundrum of the US —Saudi Relationship”

Imran Gangat.Syosset High School. The Ukraine Crisis: Implications on EU Green Energy Plans”

Pranav Reddy Mogathala. National Public School, HSR Layout. Between Debt and a Lost Identity: The Worrying Indian Farmer Exodus”

Huawei Ouyang. Shenzhen College of International Education.Death or Taxes: Carbon Policies for a Sustainable Future”

Wenjin Wang. Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School. Breaking the Silence: Importance of Women in Cybersecurity”

Grace Ren.Wycombe Abbey School. Is Guyana The New China: Can Earth Handle Another Country's Economy Boost?”

Churan Xu.King's Academy. When Water Becomes a Weapon: Conflict Between Turkey, Syria and Beyond”

Tengxuan Li. The Webb School.Teak Wood from Myanmar: Supporting Political Insurrection and Harming the Environment”

Yixuan Wang. Zhengzhou No.7 Senior High School. Elderly Care: An Exigent Challenge”

Angelina Wang. Hong Kong International School. The Climate and Maize: An Imminent Food Crisis”

Wenxuan Cao.Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. Ecotourism: the Arctic Circle’s Marketed Foe”

Richard Shin.Hamilton High School. Earth: Population - Too Many”

Eric Luo. The Webb Schools. Built on Pillars of Sand: The Ongoing Sand Crisis

Yuting Qiu. Vanke Meisha Academy. To Inherit or Innovate: How Education Mitigates Gender Imparity and Regional Gaps”

Indigo Lee-Wilson. Ascham School. There is No Planet B: The Forgotten Environmental Impacts of Smoking”

Yu Gao. Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School.Rolling Blackouts and Their Rippling Effects: China’s Magnesium Shortage”

Felicity Wong.Milton Academy. Organic Agriculture”

Zhihan Shen. No.2 High School Of East China Normal University. The Growing Global Threat of Cryptocurrencies: A Volatile Situation”

Bronze Medal

Arvind Salem. Novi High School.   Lebanon's Descent into Chaos: From the "Switzerland of the Middle East" to a Poor, Corrupt, and Starving Country”

Keke Cen. American Heritage Schools. Yemen: The Unspoken Humanitarian Crisis”

Meiqi Yuan. Keystone Academy. A Golden Ticket: Poverty Alleviation Through Livestream E-commerce in China”

Zeynep Karatas.Northwood High School. Ecological Impairment of Trash Exportation”

Yige Feng. Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School. Plastic is Not Fantastic: The PLA Promise”

Prakhar Goel. Hill Spring International School. South Korea’s Entertainment Industry – More to It than Meets the Eye”

Zishu Zhao.Beijing No.2 Middle School. #NotYou: The MeToo Movement in China”

Hu Peng. Nansha College Preparatory Academy. Re-inventing Harley-Davidson: an American Classic Struggles in a Global World”

Mingjie Zhou. UWC Changshu China. Locked’ Logistics: The Pandemic And The Global Supply”

Xuhao Li. The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University. CBDC: A Sustainable and Safe Cryptocurrency”

Yiping Zhou, Yining Wang. Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. The Bittersweet Chocolate Economy: Ghana’s Farmers are Getting Ripped Off”

Qianyi Ying. UWC Red Cross Nordic.Climate Ambition And Forgotten Reality: US-China Climate Cooperation”

Ruoan Zhang. The Junior High school Attached to Harbin Institute of Technology. Feeding Cars or People: The Inevitable Dilemma of Using Corn-based Bioethanol”

Weiqi Ling. No.2 High School Of East China Normal University. The Metaverse: Planet B or Our Planet's Destruction”

Yanxi Chen,Hengle Yang. Wuhan-Britain China School. European Union’s Double Standards: Unequal Treatment towards Refugees of Different Race”

Pinyi Feng.Lester.B Pearson College of the United World College. The "Little-Africa" in China: The "invisible" discriminations towards Africans”

Jianan Shao. The Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University International Department. Retrospection of COVID-19 pandemic: the undertaking of WHO”

Soobin Ahn. Seoul Scholars International. A Novel Strategy for Carbon Capture and Sequestration”

Yueming Wu. High School Affiliated To Nanjing Normal University. A year on from the announcement that new policies would change China's media landscape to make it less effeminate, how has the situation changed?”

Zimu Wang. Zhengzhou Foreign Language School. Educational Opportunities: For Upper Classes Only?”

Chih-Hsuan Chang.American International School of Guangzhou. China’s Sustainable Development Strategies to Improve Societal Well-Being and the Environment”

Suyan Sheng. Shanghai Guanghua School. The Next Pandemic: Global Hunger”

Xiaoya Li. Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School.Bride or Human: Human Trafficking in Asia”

Yaqi Wen. BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour. Soil Degradation and Crippling debt: The Agrarian Crisis in India”

Jasmine Ding.Hangzhou International School. Modern-Day Slavery”