HIR Academic Writing Contest Fall/Winter 2021 Medal Winners

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Inspired by our growing high school readership around the world, we created the Harvard International Review Academic Writing Contest to encourage and highlight outstanding high school writing on topics related to international affairs.

Congratulations to all Fall/Winter 2021 medal winners on the quality of your submissions!

Gold Medal

Alexander Gianola Cook.Stevenson School.China’s New Silk Road and The Scramble For Africa

Yueyang Lu. Shanghai Weiyu High School. Farm-to-Table: Will China Take a Seat within the Fresh Food Movement?”

Yilin Cai. Basis International School Shenzhen. Locked-up Santa, the Forgotten Cost of Travel Restrictions”

Mia Liu. Shenzhen College of International Education. “US Bar on Huawei: The First Steps Towards De-Globalization”

Zara Haque. Greenwich High School. Power Struggle: The Regional Implications of Germany’s Nuclear Phase Out

Longhao Chen, Fengshuo Wang. Lansdale Catholic High School, Allendale Columbia School.Two Superpowers Moving Apart: Hong Kong's Future Positioning as an International Financial Center.”

Gongkai Yuan. Hangzhou Foreign Languages School. New Forms of Global Education: Taiwan’s Soft Power Initiative in the Wake of Confucius Institute Closures”

Yi Xin. Beijing Huijia Private School. A Bleak Sky: Call to Reform Africa’s Aviation Industry”

Parmis Mokhtari-Dizaji. Phillips Exeter Academy. COVID-19 as a Driving Factor in the Isolation of Supply Chain Networks in the World and an Accelerator of Deglobalization”

Xuan Jin. Shanghai Pinghe School. Offline and Online: Increasing Hate Towards African Residents in China”

Silver Medal

Tianxin Yu. Shanghai Pinghe School. End of Slavery? Trafficking and Forced Labor of Illegal Latin American Immigrants in South Georgia”

Tiffany Wen. The Lawrenceville School. China's Divided Policies: Encouraging Globalization Yet Implementing Isolation”

Jessica Wang.The Bronx High School of Science.Frenemies: The Sino-Japanese Relationship”

Chenyue Liu, Yixuan Chen. Cheshire Academy. Global Crisis: The Uncompromising Trade War”

Angelina Richter. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. What the Upcoming “Surface Land Race” Means for Global Relations”

Xiyan Liu. Crofton House School. The Paradox of Pollution: The Environmental Impact of Space Exploration”

Wenhan Pei. Qibaodwight High School.India's Going Electric: Hyundai Invests in the Electric Vehicle Market”

Chenghou Wang, Zhenhao Li. Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School. Cyber Attacks Occur Frequently:Only Worldwide Cooperation Can Push Cybersecurity Forward”

Margaret Li. Eastside Preparatory School.Laws for LAWS: A Topic for International Discussion.”

Langrui Cao. Mingde High School of Changsha. HUAWEI in a Dilemma: Pursuing Globalization but Thriving in Isolation”

Isabelle Ravanas. Walter Payton College Prep. The Philippines Under Duterte- Increasingly Alone”

Yifan Zhou. BASIS International School Guangzhou.Chinese Education: The Pros and Cons Brought by Globalization”

Jiaqi Shou. Hangzhou Foreign Language School. An International Sea Power Storm Over Jersey Island”

Luming Jia. Beijing No.101 High School. Within an Ace of Success: How Globalization in the Aviation Market Might Hinder Independent Innovation”

Jiayu Pan. Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU. Where to go: Tourism industry in Thailand in the face of COVID-19”

Bronze Medal

Arrnavv Chawla. Fravashi International Academy.Our Link to The Sea”

Jiarun Yao.The Masters School.Invalidated Privacy Shield, Turbulent Data Policies, and the Blurry Future”

Zhou Shen, Feiyu Lin.Hangzhou Foreign Language School Cambridge A-level Centre.An Evolving Autopilot Industry: How Google and Tesla Head to Different Directions”

Fanghao Shen.Phillips Academy Andover.Anxiety, Automation, and AI On Methods of Identifying and Mitigating the Risks Posed by Technological Innovation and Automation”

Xiaohe Chen. Beijing Royal School.Becoming a “Global Citizen”:The Controversy of Bilingual Education under “Coro-nationalism”

Jiayi Wei. Keystone Academy.Climate Change and Extreme Weather: The Irreversibility of Globalization Resulted in Impossibility of Isolation”

Yufei Chen. Beijing 101 middle school.Loosen or fasten: globe supply chain restructuring in post-COVID-19 era”

Zhiyang Zhong.TABOR Academy.The Diversity Problem:Financial Globalization and Minority Groups”

Jia Han.The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University.Carbon net zero: new dominance?”

Zhiyi Chen. The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University.Harmony vs Hostility: Policy for International Students in the United States During COVID-19 Pandemic”

Leo Li. Benjamin N. Cardozo Highschool.The Ramifications of Cryptocurrency Regulation.”

Haoyu Guan. St. Stephen's Episcopal School.Smart Production for Service Production: the International Cooperation of UAV Delivery”

Naviya Kamdar. D Y Patil International School.The Exodus of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar”

Zhehao Zhou. Hangzhou Foreign Language School Cambridge A-level Centre.Global Anger Grows Over Brazil’s Handling of Deforestation at COP26”

Baoyi Ouyang.Guangdong Shunde Desheng School.Vocational Education in China: Will Vocational Schools Become as Important as Universities in the Future?”

Yuanheng Yue.Shanghai World Foriegn Language Academy.Metaverse: The Iron Curtain of the New Cold War”

Ruoyu Zhou. Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School.Victim in the Global Economy : How to Humanise the Experience of Migrant Workers?”

Yifei Li. Beijing 101 middle school.The EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: climate ambition and trade protection”

Aadya Medha Akkipeddi.The Commonwealth School.Globalization vs Isolation”

Ka Yan Choi. Shanghai High School International Division.Globalization Versus Isolation in Public Health: Coronavirus and Gain-of-Function Research”

Jiajun Li. Basis International Parklane Harbor.Social integration assessment: foreign merchants in Yiwu”