Alpha Scholars Summer 2023 Medal Winners

Alpha Scholars is a rigorous social science research program that teaches college-level research, writing and presentation skills to high school students in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students work one-on-one with Harvard student mentors in advanced study and research of a topic related to their chosen SDG, culminating in a 15-page research paper and 15-minute presentation.

Congratulations to all Summer 2023 medal winners on the quality of your research papers!

Gold Medal

Guzman, Angel. Innova Schools Comas 1, Peru. “Unraveling Political Turmoil: A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of the 2016 Elections on Peru’s Political Landscape

Li, Richard. Beijing 21st Century International School, China. “The Veiled Barrier for Dignified Endings: Exploring the Impact of Chinese Traditional Thoughts on Limited Hospice Participation

Maheshwari, Akshay. Fulton Science Academy, USA. “The Effects of British Colonization on Hindu Nationalism in India

Maramraj, Sakethram. Hickory Ridge High School, USA. “Unveiling Inequalities: Exploring the Relationship Between Grand Corruption and Wealth Distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa

Rocha, Maria Clara. Colegio Militar de Fortaleza, Brazil. “Building Safe Havens: Proposing Strategies for Increasing the Effectiveness of Public Policies Aimed at Combating Violence in Brazilian Public Schools After the Covid-19 Pandemic

Zarrillo, Nicholas. Brophy College Preparatory, USA. “From Autonomy to Inequity: Examining the Vulnerabilities of Gig Workers in a Changing Labor Landscape

Zhang, Yike (Christina). Waring School, China. “Child Marriage: Interrelating Sociocultural and Economic Factors With Neoliberal and Postcolonial Feminist Theories to Inform Effective Interventions

Silver Medal

Huahuamullo, Lindsey. Innova Schools La Campiña, Peru. “Towards Education Equality: An Examination of the Factors That Influenced Parental Engagement in Latin America During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kuligowski, Alexandra. Fulton Science Academy Private School, USA. “Unraveling the Past to Weave the Present: The Legacy of Colonialism in Bangladesh's Ready-Made Garment Industry

Mankodi, Rania. Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, USA. “Poverty and Parenting: An Evaluation of the Factors of Poverty in Setting the Stage for Child Development and Mental Health

Nukala, Nandini. Keystone School, USA. “Combating the Medical Plastic Crisis: A Descriptive Analysis of Advocated Plastic Waste Solutions to Factor in the United States

Silveira, Eduarda. Etec Dona Escolastica Rosa, Brazil. “Animal Farming Industry and Minority Groups: Analyzing the Health Outcomes’ Impacts Through Neighboring Communities

von Hilgers, Lea. Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, USA. “Beyond the Wall of Artificial Intelligence: Examining the Impact of AI Border Control on Immigrant Human Rights

Zhang, Junjie (Timmy). BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour, China. “Beyond the Past: Examining and Comparing British Colonialism’s Long-Term Impacts on India’s Contemporary Education System

Bronze Medal

Amoedo, Nina. Colégio Módulo, Brazil. “Between the Bullet and the Law: A Legitimized Necropolitics by Drug-Related Legislation in Bahia”

Duarte Marques da Cruz, João Paulo. Colégio CEI - Colégio de Ensino Icoaraciense, Brazil. “Cultural Deforestation: A Reflection of How the Absence of Indigenous Cultural Heritage Correlates With the Environmental Challenges Across the Brazilian Amazon”

Gurung, Dibya. Saipal Academy, Nepal. “Impacts of Climate Change on South Asian Women”

Ma, Xinyi (Eva). Beijing 21st Century International School, China. “The Untold Story of Male Victims in the Asian Sex Trafficking Industry: A Descriptive Comparison Study”

Oliveira Silva, João Lucas. SESI Pedro Sukadolnik, Brazil. “Education as an Ephemeral Dream: Exploring the Intrinsic Relationship Between Socioeconomic Inequalities in Latin America Along With Early School Dropouts and Learning Imbalance After the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Zhao, Nanjing. Beijing 21st Century International School, China. “Benefits Gained by the Companies That Take ESG Action”

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