HIR Academic Writing Contest Spring 2021 Medal Winners

The Harvard International Review is a quarterly magazine offering insight on international affairs from the perspectives of scholars, leaders, and policymakers. Since our founding in 1979, we've set out to bridge the worlds of academia and policy through outstanding writing and editorial selection. We have featured commentary by 43 Presidents and Prime Ministers, 4 Secretaries-General, 4 Nobel Economics Prize laureates, and 7 Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

Inspired by our growing high school readership around the world, the Harvard International Review Academic Writing Contest was created to encourage and highlight outstanding high school writing on topics related to international affairs.

Congratulations to all Spring 2021 medal winners on the quality of your submissions! You can read the winning submissions below.

Gold Medal

Hetian Yuan. Episcopal High School. “Tensions are Thawing: No New Cold War”

Hongyu Qian and Qier Ma. Keystone Academy. “The Trump Administration’s Impact on Immigration: Dehumanizing through Discrimination and Dread”

Neil Jin. Boston Latin School. “Space Weapons and Space Solar: The Race for Our Lives”

Songze Chu. The Experimental High School Attached To Beijing Normal University. “The Community of Common Destiny for Mankind during COVID-19”

Yinuo Sun. Keystone Academy. “Refugee Integration in Europe: Families and Frustration”

Yixuan Ling. Shanghai High School International Division. “Arm Wrestling Between the Governments and Cryptocurrency”

Silver Medal

Chuhan Song.The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University. “Marine Pollutions All Around the World”

Jerry Gao.International Department of Beijing No.80 high school.“Central Bank Digital Currencies: How will the future digital economy unfold? ”

Jiahao Zhang.Jserra Catholic High School.“To Share or Not to Share: Isolationist Vaccine Policy in a Global Pandemic”

Jialin Pu.Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School.“Post-Soviet states politics under COVID-19— turmoils and conflicts are unscrupulous”

Juntian Yang.The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.“The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership”

Luqing Bai.Beijing City International School.Bohou Zhang.Dulwich College
Beijing.“Globalization and the Internet”

Qicong Chen.Beijing 101 middle school.“The Heart of Electric Vehicles: The Battery”

Shiqi Feng.Long Island Lutherean High School.“The Impact on India's COVID Crisis on the Global Economy”

Siona Manocha.Keystone School.“The Libyan Civil War: Is Globalization Contributing to the Growing Isolation of Libya?”

Siqi Liang.George School.“Piracy on the World Wide Web”

Sophie Jaeger.Greenwich High School.“Trouble is Brewing: A Re-Emergence of Sectarian Conflict in Northern Ireland”

Yining Song.Zhengzhou Foreign Language School.“The Fashion Industry: The Racial Injustice Nobody Talks About”

Bronze Medal

Haotian Chang.Dalton Academy.“Greener Promise Versus Cheaper Way: How to Cut Carbon Sustainably”

Hung Pan Li.The Village School.“Scramble for power: A brief summary of globalization, counteraction, and its future”

Mengxi Lu.Saint George School.“Non-Fungible Tokens: Digital Art (and Tax Avoidance) on the Blockchain”

Minxing Liu and Dawei Yang.The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University.“The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Guarantees Safety!: How Does Comprehensive Sexuality Education Play a Role on Preventing Sexual Assaults?”

Runlin Liu.Jinan Foreign Language School.“Nuclear Dumping: Dangerous Discharge in Japan”

Shuyan Liu and Luoqi Li.The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University.“English Language Education in Globalizaiton trend: China ”

Weilin Luo.Diamond Bar High School.“The Continued Discrimination Against Chinese Immigrants in the US”

Xiangnan Guo.Fort Richmond Collegiate.“The Past, Present, and Future of Our Global Economy”

Yiyao Sun.The Experimental High School Attached To Beijing Normal University.“The Two- Way Traffic between the COVID-19 Crisis and Social Media”

Yizhou Hang.Hwa Chong Institution College Section.“Tragedy of the commons: “Vaccination nationalism” from a game theory perspective”

Zhezhe Wang and Tingzi Chu.Guangdong Guangya High School.“Whose Dish Is It:
Reflections of Asian Culinary Culture under Globalization's Impact on Asian Society”

Zhiyuan Li and Liqing Qi.No.2 High School Of East China Normal University.“Isolation brought about by global online education—The Effect of Online Education on Autistic Children: From the Perspective of Teachers, Parents, and Institutions”