Alpha Scholars Summer 2022 Medal Winners

Alpha Scholars is a rigorous social science research program that teaches college-level research, writing and presentation skills to high school students in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students work one-on-one with Harvard undergraduate mentors in advanced study and research of a topic related to their chosen SDG, culminating in a 12-page research paper and 15-minute presentation.

The program is organized by Alpha Partners Education, a global pioneer of secondary extracurricular programs and long-standing partner of the Harvard International Relations Council, and final papers are evaluated by the Harvard International Review.

Congratulations to all Summer 2022 medal winners on the quality of your research papers!

Gold Medal

Born, Ian. Somerville High School, USA. “Success Factors for Desalination: Qualitative Case Studies of Desalination Around the World

Lee, Jimin. Whitmore School, Korea. “TikTok and Mental Health: Examining factors contributing to youth’s increasing exposure to mental health misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Patel, Priyanka. Morris Hills High School, USA.Greed and Vulnerability: A Case Study of Democracy’s Effect on Neo-Colonial Relationships Between Prior Colonies and their Prior Colonizers

Srivastava, Niraj. Keystone School, USA. “Differential Health Outcomes: An Analysis of the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Food Insecurity across Various Racial Groups

Wang, Jiaqi (Allison). Beijing 21st Century International School, China. “Social Marketing: Marketing Approaches of Sustainable Fashion Brands in China

Silver Medal

Ding, Jiyuan (Sandra). Beijing 21st Century International School, China. “Crimes in the Houses: Evaluation and Reflection of China’s Domestic Violence Law

Frizzo Pereira, Eduarda. Centro de Ensino Pastor Dohms - Unidade Higienópolis, Brazil. “The Preservation of Indigenous Languages in Brazil: Examining the Efficacy of the Co-officialization Laws — A 2002-2019 analysis

Gedala, Aarav. Keystone School, USA. “Bangladesh and the forced labor market: Proposing regulations for the textile manufacturing industry in Bangladesh to ensure the welfare of all workers

Panday, Ajay. Keystone School, USA. “Unjustified: A comparison of Eastern European actions and policies for Ukrainian and Syrian refugees

Signorini, Sofia. Colégio Mestre, Brazil. “ENEM impacts on Brazil's education inequality: an analysis of how the exam influences the education of low-income, nonwhite, and public school students

Zhu, Cody. Keystone School, USA. “Lock the Clock: An examination of the effectiveness of the Sunshine Protection Act in impacting public health, safety, and economic change in the United States

Bronze Medal

Kim, Minseo. Kingswood Oxford School, Korea. “Settlement of the Educational gap in Tanzania: By Means of Social Venture Companies”

And an additional Silver Medal was awarded for our Summer 2021 program:

Dash, Sonali. Bellevue High School, USA. “PTSD in Children caused by the Syrian Civil War: Importance of Education and Community Support

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