Alpha Scholars Fall 2021 Medal Winners

Alpha Scholars is a rigorous social science research program that teaches college-level research, writing and presentation skills to high school students in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students work one-on-one with Harvard undergraduate mentors in advanced study and research of a topic related to their chosen SDG, culminating in a 12-page research paper and 15-minute presentation.

The program is organized by Alpha Partners Education, a global pioneer of secondary extracurricular programs and long-standing partner of the Harvard International Relations Council, and final papers are evaluated by the Harvard International Review.

Congratulations to all Fall 2021 medal winners on the quality of your research papers!

Gold Medal

Cárdenas, Edgar. Lord Byron School, Peru. “Behind the scenes success: An examination of the effectiveness of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in producing youth economic development in Nigeria and Armenia

Chen, Molly. The Bishop Strachan School, China. “Biased Portrayal of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Mass Media, and Applying the Model Minority Stereotype in ASD Studies

Levine, Aiko. University High School, USA.Opportunities for Improvement: A Comparative Study of Two National Waste Management Policies

Mullan, Albin. Morris Hills High School, USA. “Breaking the Barriers: An examination and comparison between the factors that affect accessibility to safe maternal healthcare in India

Navarro de Britto Matos, Maria. Colégio Anchieta, Brazil. “Football as a commodity: A comparative evaluation of the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga Verein governance structures' legitimacy in the people’s game

Liu, Lexuan. Shenzhen College Of International Education, China. "New Education, New lnequality: Online education during COVID-19 and the ever-widening rural-urban gap in China"

Silver Medal

Harrison, Charlie. Charterhouse, UK. “From Climate Laggard to Carbon Tax: Maximizing Levels of Public Support in Australia

Khanna, Aarush. The Academy of Math, Science, and Engineering in Morris Hills High School, USA. “A REVOLUTION IN ENGINEERING: Analyzing the Socioeconomic Impact of 3D Printed Homes on Poverty

Szczur, Dawid. EF International Academy Oxford, UK. “How does artificial intelligence used by the United States Government perpetuate systemic inequalities in the criminal justice system?

Bronze Medal

Trivedi, Prathamesh. The Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering, USA. “Demystifying America’s Brain Drain”

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