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Alpha Scholars Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Medal Winners

Alpha Scholars is a rigorous social science research program that teaches college-level research, writing and presentation skills to high school students in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Students work one-on-one with Harvard undergraduate mentors in advanced study and research of a topic related to their chosen SDG, culminating in a 15-page research paper and 15-minute presentation.

Congratulations to all Fall/Winter 2022-2023 medal winners on the quality of your research papers!

Gold Medal

Basu, Rashmi. Keystone School, USA. “Equality for Those Who Can Afford It: A Comparative Analysis of Factors Leading to Disparities for the Safe Obtainment of Effective Cancer Treatment”

Bhansali, Eshaan. Morris Hills High School, USA. “Education: A Struggle for Indigent Children in India”

Guimarães Carvalho, Camily. Federal Institute of Bahia, Brazil. What lies underneath: Examining the cultural roots of the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation in Brazil”

Jajoo, Shreeya. Fulton Science Academy, USA. Stigmatization from Misinformation: Cultural Obstacles Towards Mental Healthcare Development in South and Southeast Asia”

Silver Medal

Grill da Silveira, Maria Eduarda. Escola Bilíngue do Maranhão LTDA, Brazil. “In Between Books and Stray Bullets: The Impact of the Brazilian Police System on the Academic Development of Black Children''

Muzitano, Marianna. Escola Secundária da Boa Nova, Portugal. “The School Dropouts’ Pandemic: Proposing public educational policies to combat evasion in Public Schools caused by the COVID-19 pandemic”

Bronze Medal

Liu, Muyang (Henry). Liberal Arts and Science Academy, USA. “Developmental Advantages: The Role of Wearable Technology in Modern-Day Society and What the Future Appears to be Like for Next-Generation Implementations”

To learn more about the Alpha Scholars program and apply, please visit, or follow us on Instagram @alpha_scholars_research.