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"The Iguazu and Parana Rivers near Puerto Iguazu." by Phillip Caper. CC BY 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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The Smoking Trail: Cigarette Smuggling In Paraguay

Overlooking Lago Itapiu, a man-made lake splitting the Paraguayan Brazilian border, and the Argentine frontier city of Puerto Iguazú lies the Paraguayan city of...
One of many grand acts at the opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. "2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony 10," by Eric Draper, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Competition, Cooperation, and Cultural Entertainment: The Olympics in International Relations

The modern Olympic Games have always been about far more than athletic competition. As a result, it often seems as if the Olympics have...
Chinese stock market crash. “faiblesse mondial” by Hmitchou. CC BY­SA 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Ripple Effects of China’s Slowdown on Latin America

All eyes have been on China over the past few months as economic growth trends have slowly slipped, triggering widespread concern among investors worldwide....
Rich high fives female players
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The Connectivity of Culture: Innovating in Cultural Diplomacy

Ask anyone to describe their first exposure to, or memory of, another country, and it is very unlikely that their answer will involve debating...
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The MDGs’ Fight to Combat Malaria: Reflections of Special Envoy Ray Chambers

Since your appointment as special envoy for Malaria, over US$4 billion has been raised to combat the disease. To what do you attribute that...
Brazilian Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG) speaks during a deliberative session. By Senado Federal - Plenário do Senado, CC BY 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Politics and Progress: Senator Neves Analyzes Brazil’s Role in the World

The past few administrations have focused their foreign policy on consolidating Brazil’s influence in the international community. Given changes to the Itamaraty [Brazil’s foreign ministry], such as...
Leaders of the TPP Member States by Gobierno de Chile [CC BY 2.0], accessed via Wikimedia Commons
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The Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPP): A Model for the Creation of New Global Socio-Economic Spaces? The Case of Chile

The Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is the largest trade agreement finalized in generations. Signed in Atlanta under the leadership of the United States on...
"William Brownfield" By United States Department of State. Photographer not specified. (United States Embassy in Bogotá, Ambassador [1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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Crafting US Policy on Drug Trafficking: An Interview with William Brownfield

What are the biggest issues your office is facing today? If you had asked me this question twenty years ago, I would undoubtedly have...
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Cracking Cuba Open: The New Frontier of US-Cuban Relations

Sapphire waves cascade against the white, sandy shores as the sun illuminates towering palm trees. Beach-goers of a wide variety of tones and colors...
"Soldiers combatting the drug trade in Mexico" By Diego Fernández (autor original) / vendida con "copyright compartido" a la Agencia de Fotografía AP México (autor secundario) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime: Connected but Different

First of all, I would like to congratulate the Harvard International Review for this summer edition. It is a wise decision to dedicate an...