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A Lifetime of Service: An Interview with General James T. Hill

What was your path within the US military? I spent 36 years in uniform in the US Army. When I retired, I was the...
Photo credit: AP Images.
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Science Rocketing Forward: An Interview with Dr. Francis Collins

Dr. Francis Collins is a physician and geneticist who helped lead the research of the Human Genome Project, which by 2003 had completed the first...
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The Promise of Colonialism for Puerto Rico

Islanders used to call it “La isla del encanto” – the isle of enchantment – a reminder of the Caribbean paradise the US territory tax...
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Moving Targets: The Evolution and Future of Smart Sanctions

The phrase “modern warfare” brings to mind high-tech weapons, pervasive surveillance, and murky borders — not necessarily economic policy. However, as the weapons, strategies,...
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The MDGs’ Fight to Combat Malaria: Reflections of Special Envoy Ray Chambers

Since your appointment as special envoy for Malaria, over US$4 billion has been raised to combat the disease. To what do you attribute that...
Students use computers in a classroom. By A2marce, CC BY-SA 3.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Silicon Island Rebooted: Cuba’s Information & Communications Technology Revolution

One doesn’t usually associate Cuba with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) start-ups. Cigars, classic cars, salsa, yes, but a nascent technology center? The answer is a resounding si!...
“President Barack Obama delivers an address on national security," by Pete Souza. CC BY­SA 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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OBAMA-DJANGO: Reflections on an Unshackled Presidency and the United States’ Future

The trials and tribulations that Barack Obama has faced from his detractors were recently summed up: “It is hard not to believe they hate Barack Obama...
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Cracking Cuba Open: The New Frontier of US-Cuban Relations

Sapphire waves cascade against the white, sandy shores as the sun illuminates towering palm trees. Beach-goers of a wide variety of tones and colors...
Women from the Association of the Families of the Disappeared demonstrate in front of the palace of the government during the military rule of Pinochet. By Museum of Memory and Human Rights. CC BY-SA 3.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Latin America: A Backlash in Human Rights?

As a source of political upheaval, Latin America has to a large extent abandoned international news headlines. Since the two-decade-long democratization process unleashed from 1978 to 2000, countries...
As many as 50,000 Haitians slept in this earthquake survivor camp in the Del Mas area in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Jan. 21, 2010. It grew by thousands in a week of the U.S. Army 82nd Division's 1st Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Squadron distributing food and water there. - Fred W. Baker III
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Effective Aid

Humanitarian assistance is aimed at providing rapid, life-saving support in settings of high population vulnerability, such as in times of war, disaster, or...