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Preventing Pandemic Panic

With the advent of antibiotics and vaccinations, widespread epidemics are usually seen as a relic of the past. Medicine has come so far that pathogens,...
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African Urbanization

Eko Atlantic is a city that rises “like Aphrodite from the foam of the Atlantic,” wrote Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka. The city is...
Fulani family from Mali. - Magnus Manske - CC BY SA 2.0
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The Crisis in Mali

In order to better understand what happened in Mali in 2012 and to seek appropriate solutions to the major obstacles facing this country, it...
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Future of International Aid: Helping the Helpless by Finding Altruism in Self-Interest

By 2015, we will have nearly eradicated extreme poverty and hunger throughout the world by halving the proportion of people living on under $1.25 per day. We...
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A Rough Road

Africa has welcomed a new nation. As a result of the January 9th referendum, Southern Sudan will...

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Addressing African Development Challenges

A “national dialogue” is an inclusive method of socio-political action that brings together the key stakeholders to discuss a crisis or looming crisis that...

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Nigeria: MEND’s Jomo Gbomo – Person or Living Politics Persona?

I recently came across an article in The Sunday Independent directly querying whether 'the mild-manner Henry Okah', who resided in South Africa at the...
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Reconstructing the Rule of Law

Civil wars mark the collapse of a state’s ability to maintain social order through peaceful means. To prevent wars from recurring, new social, economic,...

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Democracy and Development

In a historical approach to the conflicts in Africa, one can distinguish certain outstanding sequences. The first sequence, corresponding to the pre-colonial period, was...

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Back on Track?

Nigeria’s most recent presidential election demonstrated the country’s fractious political situation and widespread lack of transparency. Throughout much of its post-independence history, Nigeria has...