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Elections in Algeria

Andrew Ma is an HIR Staff Writer

An ailing president for an ailing country – no better words describe Algeria’s latest of presidential elections,...

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Post Arab-Spring Migrations

Although widely admired and supported for their liberationist and pro-democratic nature, the Arab Spring uprisings came with much blood, persecution, and panic, and disturbed...

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Tackling Human Trafficking in Europe

100 miles off the coast of Sicily lies the island of Lampedusa, where a month ago, 360 African migrants on their way to Europe...

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Politics as Usual?

In the western world Islamic conservatism and radicalization had not been on the public radar much until the 1990s and especially the 2000s when...

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Orwell and the Perils of Egyptian Politics

I first read George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four when I was eleven, and it had a dramatic and lasting impact on me.

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America’s Jefferson Mistake

Perhaps we refrain from clichés too much. After all, how does something become a cliché? It must, if it is to attain that oft...

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Don’t Abandon the Egyptian Military

It would be a waste of time to outline how bad things are in Egypt. By now the reader is most likely familiar with...

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The Failure of the Arab Spring, and the Need for Security

There has been much debate in America about its security apparatus: the public debate following the revelations about PRISM and other NSA programs, the...

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Versions of Democracy and Manifestations of Division

Walking with a friend across town yesterday toward my apartment on the West Side of Manhattan, two moments caught me off guard. Between 5th...

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Why I Stand With Morsi

I do not think it an overstatement to say that much of the progress of the Arab Spring was reversed on Wednesday in Egypt,...