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Moving Targets: The Evolution and Future of Smart Sanctions

The phrase “modern warfare” brings to mind high-tech weapons, pervasive surveillance, and murky borders — not necessarily economic policy. However, as the weapons, strategies,...
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Building Capacity and Partnership in Global Healthcare Systems: An Interview with Vanessa Kerry

How did you become interested in global health? I became interested in global health because, when I was fourteen, I had the privilege of...
A young girl holds the South Sudanese flag. Photo by Timothy McKulka/USAID.
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To Guarantee Peace in South Sudan, Truth and Reconciliation is the Way Forward

South Sudan is the world’s newest nation, and one of its most troubled. Rich in oil reserves and with vast fertile lands it could—if...
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Crime Gone Wild: The Dangers of the International Illegal Wildlife Trade

What widely illegal powdered substance possesses a market value approaching US$100,000 per kilogram? A common guess would be cocaine. However, the answer is actually...
US and African troops participate in a ceremony for US Army Africa's exercises Natural Fire 10 in Uganda in 2009. One of the principal missions of US Army Africa is to promote security and stability in Africa. By United States Army, Public Domain, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Have US Priorities in Africa Changed: Do Security Concerns Trump Others?

At the end of the first ever US-Africa Leaders Summit on August 7, 2014, President Obama declared that it had been an “extraordinary event,” citing the accomplishments...
An Italian store inspired by the Addiopizzo movement to advertise that it refuses to pay "pizzo" - protection money to the Mafia by "Dedda71". CC-BY-3.0., accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Collective Action Against Corruption

Few global issues are as nonpartisan, universal, and severe as corruption.  Shaazka Beyerle articulates the importance of halting malfeasance in Curtailing Corruption: People Power...
Sheikh Mohamud
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Somalia and the Pursuit of Peace

Somalia, after undergoing a period of improving stability, may be headed once again towards tragedy. On December 6th, Somalian lawmakers, under pressure from President Hassan...
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman arrives at the United Nations to participate in a trilateral meeting with Joint Special Representative Brahimi and Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gatilov in Geneva, Switzerland on February 13, 2014, via US Dept of State
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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings—but to what effect?

Meetings and conferences are invaluable in bringing people together to exchange ideas and experiences, make decisions, and iron out problems. These gatherings, however, also...
Soccer on Lido Beach in Mugadishu, Somalia
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Youth Unemployment: A Global Security Challenge

Lido beach in Mogadishu, Somalia, is a 100-mile stretch of white sand lapped by the azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean. On Fridays,...
Electronic Medical Records
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The Road to Health Data Equity

It is no secret in healthcare today that electronic data capture leads to better policies, better programs, and better outcomes. This understanding paved the...