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The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Boko Haram

A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF BOKO HARAM The West African state of Nigeria, currently considered Africa’s largest economy, has, in the north-east of the country,...
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The DRC’s Violent Campaign Trail to 2016

As Laurent Kabila, the increasingly paranoid president of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), consulted his economic adviser in his presidential office, a trusted...
A young girl holds the South Sudanese flag. Photo by Timothy McKulka/USAID.
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To Guarantee Peace in South Sudan, Truth and Reconciliation is the Way Forward

South Sudan is the world’s newest nation, and one of its most troubled. Rich in oil reserves and with vast fertile lands it could—if...
A challenging river crossing in Katanga, DRC. Locational challenges such as this make emergency responses even more challenging for communities that need them the most. Photo by Tom Skrinar. CC-BY-SA-2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Epidemics: Neglected Emergencies?

The intensive care unit was filled with children, sometimes five to a bed. In the suffocating heat and at a frantic pace, the medical...
US and African troops participate in a ceremony for US Army Africa's exercises Natural Fire 10 in Uganda in 2009. One of the principal missions of US Army Africa is to promote security and stability in Africa. By United States Army, Public Domain, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Have US Priorities in Africa Changed: Do Security Concerns Trump Others?

At the end of the first ever US-Africa Leaders Summit on August 7, 2014, President Obama declared that it had been an “extraordinary event,” citing the accomplishments...
Militant Leader of the Séléka group promenading through rural Central Africa Republic
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Do we have time to avoid a Humanitarian Crisis in the Central African Republic?

Establishing a peaceful government in post-colonial Africa has proven to be challenging. From the disastrous civil wars in Algeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone to...
Rescuers carry a body recovered from a burnt shop at the scene of twin bomb blasts at terminus market in the central city of Jos on May 21, 2014. Twin car bombings in central Nigeria killed at least 118 people and brought entire buildings down. Photo Courtesy Diariocritico de Venezuela, accessed via CC2.0
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Nigeria Left Unabated: The Politics of Tomorrow Must Give Way to the Priorities of Today

Despite the multitude of differences that distinguish us, Nigerians on the whole pride themselves on their unwavering faith: a shared commitment to the ingrained...
Polisario troops of the Sahrawi Republic which lays claim to territory in the Western Sahara. By Saharauiak, originally posted to Flickr as Soldadu saharauiak. CC BY-S.A. 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Lines in the Sand: The Problem of Unclear National Borders

It seems odd for revolutions to start over something as trivial as geography. However, when protests in Crimea began in February 2014, protesters argued...
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Building Democratic Peace in the Central African Republic

Building Sustainable Democratic Peace in the Central African Republic: Avoiding the Cote d’Ivoire Situation Far too often in Africa, transition (post-conflict) governments lead their...
Women and men building terraces in Northern Rwanda to prevent soil erosion. Sam Thompson/DFID Rwanda
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What Remains: Rwanda Twenty Years Later

AHAZAZA HACU NTIHAGIRWA N’ IBYO TWABUZE, HAGIRWA N’ UBURYO DUKORESHA IBYASIGAYE. Translation: Our future is not defined by what was taken from us; we...