20(1) Winter 1998 Archive

20(1) Winter 1998, Features

Arsenal of Discretion

US arms control policy must be adjusted to take into account the effect of arms supplies on regional stability, rather than simply their place...

20(1) Winter 1998, Asia, Politics, Security, Southeast Asia, World in Review

The Lesser Evil

The coup by Hun Sen against Prince Ranariddh has thwarted the recent progress towards peace and democracy in Cambodia. Within the Khmer Rouge,...

20(1) Winter 1998, Features

Defeating Narcotics

Drug cartels are surging back into power, and the drug war is being lost. The US should adopt a multilateral framework with Latin...

20(1) Winter 1998, North America, Security, Western Europe, World in Review

Forging Peace

NATO's IFOR has had relatively little success in apprehending indicted war criminals. These problems pale in comparison to those of the tribunal. ...

20(1) Winter 1998, Features

A Capital Century

In spite of its tremendous historical success, the future development of capitalism is uncertain.

20(1) Winter 1998, Americas, Features, North America, Politics, Security

The New Questions

The proliferation of information will render obsolete the current system of ambassadors and embassy bureaucracies. The House of Representatives has adopted the model...

20(1) Winter 1998, Features

Empires of the Mind

In order to be prepared for the world ahead, increased investment in education and research must be made, with an increase in interdisciplinary studies....

20(1) Winter 1998, Americas, Features, North America, Security

From the Chairman

Since the end of the Cold War, the military has been shaped by dramatic downsizing and increasing use in non-traditional missions. The collapse...

20(1) Winter 1998, Features

Mutable Destiny

All civilizations go through a cycle of rise, decline, and fall. The United States rose to the status of a world power in...

20(1) Winter 1998, Americas, Economics, Education, Features, North America

Sharing Prosperity

For US workers to succeed in a globalized economy, they must have access to education. Furthermore, the United States must press for improved...