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Carter Roberts, President and CEO of WWF. Photo by Kent Dayton.
37(4) Summer 2016, Americas, Asia, Environment, Interviews, South America, South Asia

The World Wildlife Fund: Innovative Private Sector Partnerships and the Road Ahead: An Interview with Carter Roberts

Carter Roberts is President and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the United States, a position he has held for the past...
Dr. Margaret Hamburg. Photo by FDA, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
37(3) Spring 2016, Africa, Asia, Europe, Health, Interviews, North America

The US Food and Drug Administration in a Globalized World

Dr. Margaret Hamburg served as Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 2009 until 2015. While at the FDA, she focused...
David and Richard Holbrooke
Americas, Asia, Europe, Human Rights, Interviews, Middle East, Politics

My Father The Diplomat: An Interview with David Holbrooke

 Can you tell me a little about your father’s career and what motivated you to make the film “The Diplomat?” He served five different...
Students and TFA teachers enjoy a day at school
Americas, Education, Interviews, North America

The Transformative Power of Education: An Interview with Elisa Villanueva Beard

What do you believe is the most important way through which the lives of children can be transformed? What is the role that education...
Accessed via Wikimedia Commons
Americas, Europe, Interviews, Middle East, Security

Denial and Punishment: An Interview with Robert Pfaltzgraff

What does Homeland Security mean? First, we must think of homeland security first as an effort to protect the United States from threats that...
Dambisa Moyo is an international economist and NY Times bestselling author who hails from Zambia. Photo by davidgrundy, via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0.
Americas, Asia, East Asia, Economics, Environment, Interviews, North America, Politics, Science & Technology, South Asia

A Look at Global Economic Growth: An Interview with Dambisa Moyo

Given your experience, what do you think is the appropriate role of intergovernmental institutions in international economic development? First of all, thank you for...
Bruce Hoffman
Africa, Interviews, Middle East, Security

Counter-Insurgency in the Modern Age: An Interview with Professor Bruce Hoffman

  Looking at other terrorist groups that we have seen, what makes the command structure of ISIS different from Al-Qaeda or others? I do...
The International Criminal Court
Africa, Human Rights, Interviews

Legitimacy and Universality: The Future of the International Criminal Court

The Harvard International Review sat down to talk about recent dissent regarding decisions of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its evolving role in...
37(1) Fall 2015, Africa, Caribbean, Central America, Economics, Health, Human Rights, Interviews, Middle East, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia

The MDGs’ Fight to Combat Malaria: Reflections of Special Envoy Ray Chambers

Since your appointment as special envoy for Malaria, over US$4 billion has been raised to combat the disease. To what do you attribute that...
Damian Draghici giving a speech. Throughout his time in the European Parliament, Mr. Draghici has worked to improve the situation of the historically marginalized Roma population. By Partidul Social Democrat from Romania, CC BY 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
37(1) Fall 2015, Education, Europe, Health, Human Rights, Interviews, Politics

Beyond the “Roma Issue”: Holistically Combatting the Marginalization of Roma Populations

Could you please give us some background on the Roma and the principal issues facing this population in Europe? Let me begin by sharing a...