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Unparalleled resource for researchers
The Harvard International Review is an invaluable source of original information and analysis on the most critical global issues today, having been:
    -cited in hundreds of journals, papers, and textbooks
    -quoted by international organizations such as the UN and publications such as The Economist

Features articles by the world’s leaders
Presidents, policymakers and thinkers around the world turn to the Harvard International Review to express their views, offering our readers unique insight into the thoughts of the people who drive current events. Past writers include:
    -Bill Clinton
    -Dick Cheney
    -Al Gore
    -The Dalai Lama
    -Kofi Annan
    -Jimmy Carter
    -Paul Krugman
    -Joseph Stiglitz
    -Chen Shui-bian
    -Aung San Suu Kyi
    -Amartya Sen

Diverse Editorial Range
From serious academic researchers to students with a casual interest in foreign affairs, the Harvard International Review has something for every reader. Past issues have covered:
    -political leadership
    -politics of disease

Comprehensive Content
With more than 80 pages in every issue, the Harvard International Review offers extensive analysis and commentary on a vast array of topics. Inside each edition, you’ll find:     -interviews, essays and book reviews
    -regular coverage of world issues
    -feature symposium written by well-known leaders of the field

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As a non-profit organization supported by the Harvard International Relations Council, the Harvard International Review can offer world-class content at a remarkably low price: a one-year subscription can cost as little as $22.

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