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As 2013 approaches, the casualties of the past year continue to pile up. The 23-year old gang-rape victim from Delhi just passed away, and a public official is a victim of the violence-protesting riots. The historic Israel-Palestine conflict escalated this year, and with it, the Israeli and Palestinian deaths piled up: in the November 2012 bombings by Israel, nearly 200 Palestinian casualties were reported. In the Syrian civil war, the number of casualties approaches 50,000. Drug violence in Mexico, Kenya invaded Somalia, rebel violence in DR Congo and especially shocking for Americans, the Sandy Hook shooting…. If the names of the victims of international violence in 2012 were carefully compiled, it could easily fill a book.

By sarahmoon93  |  January 1, 2013

In an age of increasing social media usage, there are growing concerns about individual privacy within social media and the contours of now-outdated laws that are invoked to protect individuals.  Considering the wealth of information provided on social media websites and the monitoring and marketing potential of this information, more issues regarding individual privacy violations are bound to occur.  

By Guest Blogger  |  April 22, 2012

NASA’s glory days are over. Since the end of the space shuttle, the world’s fascination with space and its exploration has begun to wane. In tough economic times, it has become increasingly difficult to justify NASA’s extravagant budget, while other more socially relevant programs have gotten the axe. What, then, is the future of space exploration? Is it to discover how to make space tourism a viable option? Exploit space’s natural resources for consumption? No one is quite sure how to profit from space yet, but there are certainly many ambitious (and incredibly wealthy) entrepreneurs out there who see space as what it is: the largest unexploited resource in, well, the universe.

By Mathilde Montpetit  |  April 2, 2012