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A corrupt ruler-in-exile, his sister Prime Minister, and the crown prince: these are the players in what has become Thailand’s stagnant electoral process, stalled indefinitely by street clashes and civilian demonstrators. The Kingdom, overseen by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, is a supposed puppet government of her politically-entrenched family.  Live footage has shown protestors screaming in the streets against Shinawatra and her brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, a former prime minister who lives currently in self-imposed exile after his 2006 ouster by the military.

By Visitor  |  March 1, 2014

This post is authored by HIR Staff Writer Aman Rizvi 

Bangladesh Faces a Political Crisis After the Opposition Boycotts Polls 

By Visitor  |  January 7, 2014

            The fight over Jerusalem is the fight over Israel. Two sides – at times passionately opposed to each other and at times just opposed as a default position – are struggling for control of the city, and in that struggle one can see the larger conflict that will ultimately determine Israel’s fate. Except this is not the fight between Jew and Arab, but rather, between Jew and Jew. Incumbent mayor Nir Barkat, who represents secular interests, is being challenged by the ultra-orthodox Moshe Lion, who is backed both by Avigdor Lieberman, founder of one of Israel’s largest nationalist parties, and Aryeh Deri, leader of the religious Shas party. For this is the true battle for the soul of Israel as both options are viable.

By Isaac Inkeles  |  October 24, 2013

As Zimbabwe awaits the results of its most recent election, we look back at its tumultuous history and wonder whether there is any hope for the future.

By James Watkins  |  August 3, 2013