'Really Re-elected?' Update

As noted in 'Really Re-elected?' Mikhail Saakashvili officially, technically won the elections in Georgia with 53% of the vote, besting his opponent, Levan Gachechiladze, who received less than half of that. But rallies in Georgia from opposition supporters show that it's difficult to ever really win an election in the situation Saakashvili is in. Whether they're true or not, allegations of fraud and poll-rigging are bound to fly. Which means that Saakashvili isn't just the target of angry opposition in Georgia – Western countries that support the vote and want to let it stand (if only to maintain Georgia's stability), are also on that list. It really is just getting hard to win around here. And not just for Saakashvili. The US has to support democratic elections: that's is default stance. It is not their responsibility to conduct an investigation into whether or not the elections were 'really' democratic. That's what the election commission and the courts are for. And then the US (and everyone else, t00) is supposed to support their decision. If we didn't and sent in people to 'ensure' democracy, there'd be accusations of meddling with the questions over whether or not the elections were really democratic. Like there were questions during the Iraq election about whether or not the US's presence was good or bad. Either way, there would have been criticism, just as either way, this Georgian election was going to come under fire.