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Reed Shafer-Ray is a staff writer for the Harvard International Review. Shafer-Ray primarily contributes to the Global Network and Blog sections of the magazine.

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37(4) Fall 2016, Africa, Central Africa, Global Notebook, Politics, Security

The DRC’s Violent Campaign Trail to 2016

As Laurent Kabila, the increasingly paranoid president of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), consulted his economic adviser in his presidential office, a trusted...
Americas, Blog, Education, South America

The Argentine Dinner: Pride, Patriotism, and Wine

After two months living abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you begin to notice routines. Each day, my host family grumbles about President Christina Kirchner,...
36(3) Spring 2015, Asia, Global Notebook, Human Rights, Politics, South Asia

Shadows in Pakistan: Critiquing the Drone War

“It was Ramadan. We were about to break our fast with the children,” begins a somber thick-bearded Pakistani. “We took a bite, said our...
Sheikh Mohamud
Blog, Eastern Africa, Politics, Security

Somalia and the Pursuit of Peace

Somalia, after undergoing a period of improving stability, may be headed once again towards tragedy. On December 6th, Somalian lawmakers, under pressure from President Hassan...
The Yal Devi train-Katorisi-CC-BY-SA-3.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
Asia, Economics, Global Notebook, Human Rights, South Asia

The Sri Lankan Phoenix: Growth and Reconciliation on a War-Torn Island

On a radiant Wednesday afternoon in October of 2014, a splendid yellow and blue “Yal Devi” train arrived at the Jaffna station in the...