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Robert Rotberg

Professor�Robert�I. Rotberg�is the Founding Director of the Kennedy School�s Program on Intrastate Conflict and President Emeritus of the World Peace Foundation. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sci- ences and Fulbright Research Chair in Political Development at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University (Ottawa).�

35(3) Winter 2014, Perspectives, Politics, Southern Africa

Zimbabwe: What Next?

What next? Following another marred election, what is to become of Zimbabwe? With alleged assistance rendous...


Namibia: The Road Ahead

Nearly all Namibians expect to be free from South African rule by 1990. This expected transition to independence comes after more than a century...

21(1) Winter 1999, Features

The Leadership Factor

Africa's current economic and political problems can be solved only by principled and visionary leadership of a kind that is all too rare in...

17(4) Fall 1995, Features

Centripetal Forces

As South Africa emerges from apartheid rule, it can play an important role in promoting both peace and economic development in the region. ...

25(3) Fall 2003, Features

The Cyprus Crucible: The Importance of Good Timing

Turkish President Kemal Ataturk, a consummate leader, appreciated the importance of an acute sense of timing in pursuit of larger national objectives. Encouraged by...