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The town of Wyndham in Western Australia. After Oombulgari was demolished in 2011 many residents were pushed into nearby Wyndham, which lacks the resources to support a larger Indigenous population. Photo by Djambalawa, CC by 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons
37(1) Fall 2015, Global Notebook, Human Rights, Oceania, Pacific, Politics

Undermining Paternalism: UNDRIP and Aboriginal Rights in Australia

According to former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the “choice” of indigenous Australians to maintain a connection to their land and culture is “not conducive to the kinds of...
A polling station set up for the election. The 2015 Canadian election saw the highest voter turnout in over 20 years. 

Photo by Raysonho, CC by 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons
Americas, Blog, North America, Politics

The Power of Young Voters: Canada’s Historic Election

Since 2000, Canadians have gone to the polls six times to elect a prime minister. That’s a lot of federal elections in a period...
A house under construction in West Vancouver.

Photo by Pacific Northwest Regional Architecture. [CC by 2.0]
36(3) Spring 2015, Economics, North America, World in Review

New Wealth Seeks a “Home”: The Rise of the Hedge City

Vancouver is a city in flux. A stroll through one of its residential west-side neighborhoods reveals blocks and blocks of construction sites, for-sale signs,...
The UBC campus where North Korean academics came to study through the Canada-DPRK Knowledge Partnership Program.  Photo by Dllu. [CC BY 3.0]
Blog, East Asia, Education, North America

Canada’s Academic Diplomacy with North Korea

The relationship between western governments and North Korea has never been a particularly warm one. In the past couple of years, with a few...
Tourists in historic Venice
Blog, Europe, Politics, Western Europe

Venice, Suitcases, and the Role of the Tourist

Last week, international news media flew into an uproar as Venice, one of Europe’s most popular destination cities, considered a ban on rolling suitcases....
Blog, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Human Rights, Politics

Broadcasting Patriotism at the Olympics

Solidarity, fair play, and globalism – these utopian buzzwords are closely associated with the Olympic games and the “Olympic spirit” that the games...

Blog, Central Asia, Health, Human Rights

Forced Sterilization in Uzbekistan

In the last two decades, the government of Uzbekistan has purposefully rendered tens of thousands of Uzbek women infertile through a policy of forced...

Americas, Blog, Economics, North America, Politics

The Cost of United States Citizenship Abroad

Citizenship in the United States affords many benefits - most notably the right to live, work, and vote in a global powerhouse nation. But,...

Asia, Blog, Politics, South Asia

The Trust Game

In the sheer torrent of information and controversy that accompanied Wikileaks, it was easy for the public to overlook the significance of individual leaks...