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Jasmine Chia is a Staff Writer for the HIR. She contributes primarily to the Blog.

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Rethinking Thai Sex Work: The Mistress Culture

Thailand’s sex industry is the elephant in the room for the Tourism Authority of Thailand. In the exotic, traditional, conservative picture painted by the...
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The Gentrification of Thai Gymnastics

My first introduction to female artistic gymnastics in Thailand was through the Din Daeng Gym: a loud, hot, chaotic place. Powder was flying everywhere...
Traffic on Shwedagon Road
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Land of the Golden Pagodas

“Lands Without” is a blog by Jasmine Chia on travels in Asia.  It’s 8:40AM in Yangon. The sun has already bleached the sky bright...
A Pheua Thai election poster in Kon Kaen with the words "ทักษิณคิด...เพื่อไ่ทยทำ" which means "What Thaksin [Former Thai Prime Minister] thinks, Pheau Thai does." by Vincent Toldbook. CCA 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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The Privileged Lie of Gender Equality in Thailand

When the Thai Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Pichet Duronkaveroj, came to speak at Harvard, he said, “Thailand doesn’t have a gender problem.”...
"Sunset on Bangkok" by Diliff. CC BY-SA 3.0, accessed via Wikipedia Commons
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After the Blast

What happens after 7PM, Bangkok time, August 17th 2015? For those in town: a surge of bodies moving as quickly as possible away from...
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Not just closed borders: The deeper implications of the Rohingya crisis

The world’s attention has been captured by the predicament of more than 8000 migrants stranded in the Straits of Malacca, with dwindling supplies of food...