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Joshua Barthel
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There are countless reasons why Christopher Hitchens has been a figure of international interest for decades, especially after his death in 2011. His bafflingly...
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A Case Study for the Ages: Lee Kuan Yew’s Reflections and Predictions

It goes without saying that President Barack Obama has access to the world’s best sources for critical information on issues such as the revival...
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China’s Precedents and Patriotism: A Review of Patrick Mendis’ “Peaceful War”

In the context of panicky exaggeration put forth by politicians and journalists alike regarding the relationship of China and the US, too few voices...

34(4) Spring 2013, Reviews

Commercializing Crisis: Argo Employs Familiar Hollywood Tropes

Critics and audiences will agree: Ben Affleck has done it again. With its numerous award nominations and victories, Argo will surely join Gone Baby Gone and The...

Commercializing the Crisis

Critics and audiences agree: Ben Affleck has done it again. With its numerous award nominations and victories, including last night's Best Picture, Argo will...