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Farhan Javed

Farhan Javed is a staff writer for the Harvard International Review. He contributes primarily to the Global Notebook.

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Cracking Cuba Open: The New Frontier of US-Cuban Relations

Sapphire waves cascade against the white, sandy shores as the sun illuminates towering palm trees. Beach-goers of a wide variety of tones and colors...
Analysis, Asia, Environment, Global Notebook, Health, Human Rights, South Asia

The Sterilized and Subjugated: Population Control and The Plight of Indian Women

Surgeries are hastily performed in a dirty, abandoned hospital as engrossed doctors and medical workers scurry with their unhygienic surgical instruments, barely taking the...
36(3) Spring 2015, Analysis, Europe, Global Notebook, Human Rights, ISSUE # [add one for print article uploads], Middle East, Politics, Security, Western Europe

The Palestinian Question: Europe’s Paradigm Shift

Speeches are given, echoing across the vast hall in Strasbourg, in the various tongues native to the small continent, sparking debates on a thorny...
Asia, Global Notebook, Security, South Asia

Subcontinental Siblings Spar

Citizens on either side of the highly militarized, 2,192 kilometer border wave their flags, don their colors, scream their anthems, cheer their cricket teams,...