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Daniel Montoya is a staff writer for the HIR and also serves on its Special Projects team.

Pasha, code name Moysha, 20, from Odessa. In the dorm room Pasha pretends to fight and to patrol their position. Many of the fighters are more frightened by the possibility of being kidnapped by separatists, that the chances of being injured or dying on the front lines.
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War Through Photography – Ukraine

Photographers Caimi and Paccinni traveled into Ukraine to capture the war in images. There, they found a conflict occurring in multiple stages and made these...
The Stage of the Eurovision 2015 Arena, the music extravaganza is one of the most watched programs in the world. "Eurovision 2015 Stage" by Vugar Ibadov CC BY-SA 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Eurovision: When Music Mixes with Politics

The Eurovision Song Contest is a pan-European international song competition where each nation sends a singer and song to represent them in an annual...
Militant Leader of the Séléka group promenading through rural Central Africa Republic
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Do we have time to avoid a Humanitarian Crisis in the Central African Republic?

Establishing a peaceful government in post-colonial Africa has proven to be challenging. From the disastrous civil wars in Algeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone to...