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Dennis Lee
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My Planet, ‘Tis of Thee

Isaac Asimov gave his views on what he envisions of the world at the end of the millennium in the June 1983 issue of the...
35(3) Winter 2014, Global Notebook

To Keep the Peace: Contributing UN Peacekeepers

In 1988, the Nobel Peace Prize went to the Blue Berets—the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces. The Nobel committee praised it for its “contributions towards the realization of one of...
35(2) Fall 2013, Global Notebook

No Reason to Stop: North Korea Needs Its Nuclear Testsst

In recent years, news of North Korea is inevitably accompanied with the words “nuclear”, ”reactor, “ICBM”, or some combination of those words. After all, the first half of 2013...
35(1) Summer 2013, Global Notebook

A Nuclear Japan: The Push for Weaponization

It is no surprise that the only country that has ever experienced the horror of nuclear weapons is also one of their staunchest opponents....
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The Allure

Few people would argue that self-sufficiency is a “bad” thing. After all, there is security in only being dependent on oneself. It is not...

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A Narrowing Strait

The Cold War is long over, yet the world still feels many of its repercussions. Two states in Asia remain divided: China and Korea....