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A Lifetime of Service: An Interview with General James T. Hill

What was your path within the US military? I spent 36 years in uniform in the US Army. When I retired, I was the...
RI Rio de Janeiro (RJ) 20/02/2015 - Amanhecer no  Parque Nacinal da Tijuca no Sumaré   . Foto Thiago Lontra / Agencia O Globo
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A Rocky Road to Rio: An Interview with Eduardo Paes

Eduardo Paes is the mayor of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The HIR sat down with Mr. Paes before the Olympic Games to discuss...
David and Richard Holbrooke
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My Father The Diplomat: An Interview with David Holbrooke

 Can you tell me a little about your father’s career and what motivated you to make the film “The Diplomat?” He served five different...
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Denial and Punishment: An Interview with Robert Pfaltzgraff

What does Homeland Security mean? First, we must think of homeland security first as an effort to protect the United States from threats that...
Bruce Hoffman
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Counter-Insurgency in the Modern Age: An Interview with Professor Bruce Hoffman

  Looking at other terrorist groups that we have seen, what makes the command structure of ISIS different from Al-Qaeda or others? I do...