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Cole Edick

Cole Edick is a Staff Writer for the HIR. He contributes to the Global Notebook and World in Review sections of the magazine, as well as Books & Reviews.

“Founding assembly of the Luxembourg pirate party” by Svnee. CC BY-SA 3.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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The Golden Age of Piracy: Can Open-Source Democracy Redefine Citizenship for the Internet Age?

The number of pirates worldwide is on the rise. Iceland is a demonstrative case; there are more pirates living in Iceland than any other...
Americas, Europe, North America, Politics, Reviews, Western Europe

Feuding Nationalism: A Review of Jaime Lluch’s Visions of Sovereignty

Nationhood is complicated. A major threat to large democracies is the presence of multiple nations within their borders that rupture the sanctity of the...