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Alice Xiao

Alice Xiao currently serves as an associate of the Soliciting Board, and contributes to Interviews.

36(4) Summer 2015, Americas, Asia, Economics, Europe, Interviews, Middle East, North America, Politics, Security, South America

The Geopolitics of Oil: Analyzing the Effects of Production and Investment on Global Oil Prices

In late January, the Harvard International Review sat down to talk about what went on behind the scenes when oil prices fell in November...
London, 11th July 2012. Melinda Gates  speaking at the opening of the London Summit on Family Planning
36(4) Summer 2015, Africa, Asia, Health, Human Rights, Interviews, Politics, South Asia, West Africa

Contraceptives on the Global Agenda: Melinda Gates

The Harvard International Review sat down with Melinda Gates to discuss her work in making contraception and family planning available in underdeveloped countries through...