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Andreas Umland

Dr. Andreas Umland is a Senior Research Fellow for the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation at Kyiv, and General Editor of the ibidem Press book series "Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society" in Stuttgart. He is a former Thyssen Fellow at Harvard's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs where he published, in 2002, the paper "Toward an Uncivil Society? Contextualizing the Recent Decline of Extremely Right-Wing Parties in Russia," which can be accessed by following this link: http://wcfia.harvard.edu/publications/toward-Uncivil-Society-Contextualizing-Recent-Decline-Extremely-Right-Wing

A Russian tank participates in military exercises in 2013. Photo via kremlin.ru, CC BY-SA 4.0.
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The Nuclear Fallout of Trump’s Possible Détente with Putin

While the new US administration should be looking for areas of cooperation with Russia where possible, it should do so without compromising the United...
A man prepares to vote in elections in Kyiv in 2015. Photo by Sandro Weltin for the Council of Europe. CC BY-ND 2.0.
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Ukraine Introduces State Financing for Political Parties: A Promising Reform or Cosmetic Change?

Since the victory of the so-called “Revolution of Dignity” in 2014, Ukraine has been going through an exceptionally complicated transition process. The post-Soviet country...
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Why the EU Should Decouple Sanctions Against Russia from the Minsk Agreements

Almost two years have passed since the European Union and a number of other countries introduced, on July 31, 2014, the third and most...
Flags near the European Union Parliament. Photo by Richard Yarrow.
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Why the Brexit May Be Good for European Integration

It seems that the repercussions of the upcoming exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, for the British economy and state, could...
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How Important Would a Post-Sanctions Russia Be for EU Foreign Trade?

Over the last few months, several European politicians and business leaders have called for a partial or full lifting of the EU’s economic sanctions...
Ukrainian and European Union flags fly in Kiev, by Evgeny Feldman via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0.
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Political Risk Insurance for FDI in Ukraine: How the Eastern European Pivot State Can Be Saved

European misconceptions of the Ukranian-Russian conflict are the result, among others, of a lack of expert knowledge about Ukraine, among the member states of...
Russian President Vladimir Putin at his inauguration in 2012, by Kremlin.ru via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.
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The Putinverstehers’ Misconceived Charge of Russophobia: How Western Apology for the Kremlin’s Current Behavior Contradicts Russian National Interests

A frequent rebuttal by apologists of Putin’s policies, in debates on Western approaches to Eastern Europe, is the allegation of Russophobia. Interpreters of contemporary...
Soldiers involved in the military conflict in Crimea. By Sasha Maksymenko, CC BY 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
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Russia’s Dual Assault: How Brussels, Washington, and Beijing Helped Moscow to Undermine the Non-Proliferation Regime

The “Ukraine crisis” concerns more than lofty European values, Ukrainian humanitarian issues, or abstract international law. Russia’s attack on Ukraine is also an assault...
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Ten (Un)Easy Steps to Save Ukraine

Towards a Paradigm Shift in Western Approaches to Kyiv’s Europeanization Efforts Editor’s note: This piece was co-written by Kostyantyn Fedorenko and Andreas Umland. We display the name...
President Obama speaks with the Prime Minister of Ukraine in March. Umland is arguing that the West needs to get more involved in the Ukraine-Russia Crisis.
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Understanding Russia’s Role and Aims in the “Ukraine Crisis”

     In spite of its official title, the so-called “Ukraine Crisis” has been, for the last four months, driven by Russian rather than...