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Libyans congregate in Martyrs' Square to celebrate the anniversary of the February 17th revolution. By Foreign and Commonwealth Office, image licensed under  the Open Government Licence v1.0.
36(2) Fall 2014/Winter 2015, Africa, Global Notebook, North Africa, Politics, Security

The Forgotten State: Rifts in Post-Revolutionary Libya

Last year, pieces in The New York Times, Washington Post, Harvard International Review, and other outlets marked the three-year anniversary of the Libyan revolution. Many...
The island nation of Nauru is threatened by extinction within a generation. "Evening Reflections - Nauru" by Hadi Zaher. CC BY 2.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.
36(1) Summer 2014, Asia, Environment, Global Notebook, Oceania, Pacific, Politics, Science & Technology, Southeast Asia

Washed Away: The Threat of Global Warming

In the next 30-50 years, comfortably within the span of the current generation, rising tides will sink a number of island nations, endangering the lives of thousands upon...
35(4) Spring 2014, Americas, Europe, Global Notebook, Middle East, North America, Politics, Security

The Omani Backdoor: Europe’s decline and the growing importance of regional ties

Amidst the media craze and international raving on the recent P5+1 reverse sanctions deal with Iran, the global hegemon of the first-world powers has...
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Elections in Algeria

Andrew Ma is an HIR Staff Writer

An ailing president for an ailing country – no better words describe Algeria’s latest of presidential elections,...

Blog, Politics, Southeast Asia

Thailand Election Watch: Failure of the Democratic Process

A corrupt ruler-in-exile, his sister Prime Minister, and the crown prince: these are the players in what has become Thailand’s stagnant electoral...

Features, Health, Human Rights

No More Band-Aids

With global displacement numbers at a record high, it is time to once again analyze the “temporary” communities of refugees, communities that lack...

35(3) Winter 2014, Features

Indigenous Rights in Western Countries

The Canadian government has always tried to maintain Canada’s reputation as a beacon of democracy and of a model of social contract theory. But James Anaya, the...