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Alice C. Hu joined the HIR as a staff writer in 2014, and covers topics including US foreign policy, international law, and human rights. She served as Writing Chair for the 2015-2016 term. Follow her on Twitter @alicehu_.

Group of women mourning the victims of the massacre at the Srebrenica-Potočari Memorial Center in 2007. CC A-SA 3.0, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.

The “Genocide” Taboo: Why We’re Afraid of the G-Word

On July 11, 2015, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić joined tens of thousands of people in the town of Srebrenica to pay respect to...
Girls in China now attend primary school at the same rate as boys (UNICEF). Yet other fundamental women's rights issues remain unaddressed. CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.
37(3) Spring 2016, Asia, East Asia, Global Notebook, Human Rights, Politics

Half the Sky, But Not Yet Equal: China’s Feminist Movement

The Chinese economic miracle has been one of the most publicized phenomena on the international stage. But what is often neglected in the news and in scholarship...
Dambisa Moyo is an international economist and NY Times bestselling author who hails from Zambia. Photo by davidgrundy, via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0.
Americas, Asia, East Asia, Economics, Environment, Interviews, North America, Politics, Science & Technology, South Asia

A Look at Global Economic Growth: An Interview with Dambisa Moyo

Given your experience, what do you think is the appropriate role of intergovernmental institutions in international economic development? First of all, thank you for...
"One of the Women's Health meeting groups in the mountains above Dang" by Friends of UNFPA.  CC BY-ND 4.0, accessed via flickr.
37(1) Fall 2015, Economics, Education, Features, Human Rights, Middle East

Gender Equality and the United Nations: An Interview with Nafis Sadik

  As a women’s rights advocate and physician, could you tell us a little about your thoughts on MDGs 3 and 5, which focus...
An Inuit village. CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons.
Americas, Environment, Features, Human Rights, North America, Politics, Science & Technology

More than a Mascot: Indigenous People and Climate Politics

For decades, climate change politics was a subject without a face. According to Marybeth Long Martello, a scholar of global change science and governance,...
Two photos taken in the same location in Beijing in August 2005. The photograph on the left was taken after it had rained for two days. The right photograph shows smog covering Beijing in what would otherwise be a sunny day. CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons.
Americas, Asia, East Asia, Economics, Environment, Interviews, North America, Politics, South Asia

Development or Environmental Protection?: The 21st Century Climate Dilemma

Considering your expertise in both United States foreign policy and climate change, what do you see as the the greatest challenges for the US...
Scientists bore holes in the sea ice through which they deploy their instruments at the final sea ice station of the 2011 ICESCAPE mission. ICESCAPE mission s NASA's two-year shipborne investigation to study how changing conditions in the Arctic affect the ocean's chemistry and ecosystems. CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.
Americas, Economics, Environment, Europe, Features, Human Rights, Interviews, North America, Politics

Climate Change, Indigenous Peoples, and Mobility in the Arctic

How does climate change affect the movement of people? The very first report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recognized that one of...
U.S. Air Force secures pallets of water from USAID at Utaphoa International Airport in Pattaya, Thailand, as part of a disaster relief effort for Burmese citizens who were devastated by the recent cyclone. By Robert A. Harding, May 12, 2008. Accessed via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain/U.S. Marine Corps.
Africa, Americas, Asia, Blog, Central Asia, Economics, Health, Human Rights, Middle East, North America, Politics, Security

Foreign Aid and the 28 Percent Myth

Public opinion on United States foreign aid varies widely depending on who is being asked. However, one domestic opinion on the matter is clear:...
Women participate in peaceful protest in Taksim Square, as part of the 2013-2014 protests in Turkey against government encroachment of free expression and secularism. By Mstyslav Chernov. CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.
36(2) Fall 2014/Winter 2015, Americas, Asia, Features, Human Rights, Middle East, North America, Politics, Security, South Asia

Innovators of Inequality: Why the “Woman Solution” Does Not Work

The US government and the Western world have seldom hesitated to call for women’s rights in Muslim nations in recent years. With events ranging from Pakistani education...