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Current Feature: The Arctic Battleground

Oil tankers in Rotterdam in 2006. Image by AlfvanBeem (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Battle for Arctic Oil

There is a conception of the Arctic as a region solely based on the environment—in fact, there isn’t much else other than the environment....
Harp seal pups lie on an ice floe in Canada

The New Ice Age: The Arctic Battleground

As we await the April release of our Spring 2015 issue, The New Ice Age: Arctic Battlegrounds, watch for the release of Arctic-related content online! … Not until...
Greenland is home to a potentially vast amount of resources newly available thanks to melting Arctic Ice. The Danish colony held parliamentary elections last month. Image by Silje Bergum Kinsten, licensed under CC2.5 Denmark

Greenland: Election Drama in the Arctic Circle

This post was originally published on opedspace.com on December 3, 2014. On November 28th, 2014, Greenland held parliamentary elections 18 months ahead of schedule after...

Managing the Arctic: Norwegian Perspectives

To most people the Arctic is a distant realm, almost another world, inhabited by polar bears. They may even think the frigid landmasses and...
By P J Hansen. Arctic Sunset. Taken in Tromsø Kommune, Troms Fylke. CC  BY-SA 2.0. Accessed Via Wikimedia Commons.

The Arctic Model


Over the past twenty years, climate change, advances in offshore drilling and icebreaker technology, rising gas and oil prices, and the end of a...