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"A female doctor with the International Medical Corps examines a woman patient at a mobile health clinic in Pakistan." - Tom Morris - CC BY 2.0

Poverty and Poor Health in Pakistan: Exploring the Effects of Privatizing Healthcare

The link between poverty and health is well established worldwide, but the connection is both direct (lack of access to health services) and indirect (lack of...


Women and men building terraces in Northern Rwanda to prevent soil erosion. Sam Thompson/DFID Rwanda

What Remains: Rwanda Twenty Years Later

AHAZAZA HACU NTIHAGIRWA N’ IBYO TWABUZE, HAGIRWA N’ UBURYO DUKORESHA IBYASIGAYE. Translation: Our future is not defined by what was taken from us; we...
Protesters against PRISM in Berlin, Germany wearing Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden masks - Mike Herbst - CC BY-SA 2.0

On International Privacy: A Path Forward for the US and Europe

The United States and its closest allies may be on a collision course over the future of privacy in the networked world. Whether leaders...

A Tale of New Cities: The Future of Urban Planning in the Developing World

The global shift from rural to urban living will be the most important demographic transformation of the 21st century. All great shifts create the...
2010 "Red Shirt" protest at Ratchaprasong intersection in Bangkok. - CC BY-SA 3.0 -Takeaway

A Comedy of Errors: A Critical Analysis of the Political Drama in Thailand

Political crises are nothing new for Thailand. Since becoming a constitutional monarchy in 1932, the country has faced numerous political crises, including a 1973...